Aniline prices rose by more than 20% in September (September 1-September 30, 2019)

Price Trend


According to the data of business associations’big list, the market of aniline was better in September, and the price went up all the way. In August 30th, the price of aniline was 6000 yuan / ton, 6300 yuan / ton, and the price in September 30th was 7600 yuan / ton, 7800 yuan / ton, which rose 23.66% at the end of last month.

II. Analytical Review

1. Raw materials: The listing price of pure benzene on September 30 is 5500-5900 yuan/ton, which is up by 9.14% compared with the end of last month. At the beginning of this month, pure benzene stocks in eastern China fell, and the price of pure benzene rose significantly. Affected by the Saudi Arabian incident on the 16th, crude oil and pure benzene external market soared, driving the domestic market of pure benzene upward. At the end of the month, the impact of the Saudi Arabian incident faded and the price support of pure benzene weakened. In addition, downstream environmental protection inspection, some factories stopped production restrictions, pure benzene just needed insufficient, the market fell.

sodium persulfate

This month, due to environmental protection inspection of raw material nitric acid, individual enterprises stop production restrictions, the supply of concentrated nitric acid is reduced, and prices continue to rise. And demand improved before the festival, the market stock was positive, multiple positive factors stimulated nitric acid monthly increase of more than 23%, good for downstream aniline.

2, product: 16 and 17 days of this month, the aniline device of the Tiantian ridge is unstable, and the supply of aniline is reduced. Aniline stocks dropped sharply, market supply was tight, aniline rose sharply, and the weekly growth rate was over 10%.

3. Future Market Forecast

1. Raw materials: Likon: The recent blue sky defense battle has a strong influence, transportation constraints hinder the recovery of pure benzene market. And near eleven pure benzene just needs to be reduced. Advantages: Port stocks in East China are declining and imports of pure benzene are on the low side.

2. Domestic market: good: Aniline stock is not high at present. Likon: Near eleven, downstream enterprises have reduced their demand for aniline due to environmental parking restrictions.

Considering comprehensively, aniline prices will run steadily in the short term after the festival, focusing on downstream purchasing and raw material trends.

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