Ammonium nitrate prices in China rose sharply (9.23-9.27)

According to statistics, the market price of ammonium nitrate rose sharply this week. By the end of the week, the domestic price of ammonium nitrate was 2116.67 yuan/ton, which was 4.96% higher than the price of 2016.67 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 3.89% higher than the previous year. Supported by the price of raw material nitric acid, the market price of ammonium nitrate rose sharply.

On the one hand, ammonium nitrate factory equipment parking, supply reduction, supply shortage on the one hand, coupled with the National Day holiday, transportation restrictions, ammonium nitrate market price rise, on the other hand, by the upstream raw material nitric acid price rise, good support, ammonium nitrate market prices go sharply. High, ammonium nitrate manufacturers shipment market has not changed much, downstream on-demand procurement, by the impact of environmental protection control, the downstream civil explosion industry in China is still more shut down, domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers start construction is limited, supported by good raw materials, ammonium nitrate prices have risen substantially. Up to now, the mainstream of negotiations in Shaanxi is 2300-2400 yuan/ton, in Shandong is 2100-2300 yuan/ton, and in Hebei is 1950-2100 yuan/ton.

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Recently, the price of concentrated nitric acid in China has continued to rise substantially. Jiangsu Hongze Yinzhu Chemical quoted 2600 yuan/ton, up 650 yuan/ton from last week’s quotation (17 days); Anhui Jinhe quoted 2500 yuan/ton, up 450 yuan/ton from last week’s quotation (17 days); Shandong Helitai quoted 2300 yuan/ton, up 500 yuan/ton from last week’s quotation (17 days). Anhui Audley quoted 2460 yuan/ton, 410 yuan/ton higher than last week’s (17) quotation; Wenshui County synthetic chemical quotation 2350 yuan/ton, 50 yuan/ton higher than the 23-day quotation. With the National Day approaching, there are many parking overhauls for manufacturers, tight supply of concentrated nitric acid market, difficulty in picking up goods, better demand for festivals, active market stocks, multiple favorable factors, which have led to a sharp rise in the price of concentrated nitric acid and the price of raw material nitric acid, which is a good support for the ammonium nitrate market.

Upstream domestic liquid ammonia market is stable and small, the current local ammonia supply is tight, and there is no pressure for enterprises to ship goods, but the main price of ammonia producers is stable. The mainstream quotation in Shandong is stable in the market of 2900-3100 yuan/ton liquid ammonia. The market turnover is still acceptable. The average price of liquid ammonia market is 3210 yuan/ton. Most of the liquid ammonia producers have inventory pressure. Generally, the price quoted by manufacturers in the northern region is maintained in the range of 3000-3400 yuan/ton, while that in the northwest region is in the range of 2500-2800 yuan/ton. The high level of liquid ammonia market has a positive impact on the downstream ammonium nitrate market, and the market price of ammonium nitrate has risen sharply.

In recent years, the demand of the downstream civil explosion industry has not improved. The demand for ammonium nitrate is limited, and ammonium nitrate manufacturers have a high stock. However, the price of raw materials market has risen sharply. In addition, near the National Day, some ammonium nitrate manufacturers in the North may be restricted. Ammonium nitrate analysts believe that the recent upstream raw material nitric acid market prices have risen sharply, although the downstream demand has not changed much, it is expected that ammonium nitrate market prices will rise due to the support of raw materials in the later period.

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