Point of view on the rise and fall of lithium carbonate on August 7

Commodity Name: Lithium Carbonate

Latest Price: Industrial Class: 61800 yuan/ton, Battery Class: 69400 yuan/ton

Main points of analysis: Since August, the overall market price of lithium carbonate has continued to decline. Battery-grade lithium carbonate is affected by the poor demand of power market. The price has dropped obviously. The downstream is mainly in need of purchase, and the willingness to stock up is not obvious. The demand for industrial lithium carbonate is relatively stable, but the increase in supply leads to greater price fluctuations.

sodium persulfate

Future market forecast: At present, the market supply of lithium carbonate products is relatively sufficient, and it is expected that the pressure of future supply exceeding demand is still in the future. It is feared that it will be difficult to have greater support for price.


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