Butadiene Market Price goes Up

Price Trend

The domestic butadiene market has been rising recently. As of August 6, the price of butadiene was 9645 yuan/ton, up 14.51% annually and down 25.17% year-on-year, according to business association monitoring.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: Domestic butadiene prices continue to rise, Sinopec’s supply price continues to adjust to the high level of 10,000 yuan, a small amount of goods in Northeast China have been increased by a wide range of prices, and the shortage of spot resources in East China has boosted the market to a high level. Private factories in Shandong have increased their ex-factory prices to 10,500 yuan/ton, and high-quality products in the market have been delivered to the price reference of 10,600-10,700 yuan/ton; spot resources in East China are limited, and some high-price goods in North China have flowed in and supplemented, and they have been sent to the offer of about 11,000 yuan/ton for negotiation.

On the market side, the butadiene market in Shandong continues the upward trend of high level. The Northeast supply has been greatly increased in price. Private manufacturers’export prices have risen in the region. The delivery price of high-grade products refers to about 10600-10700 yuan/ton. Sporadic high prices have also been heard and discussed. Butadiene market quotations in East China continue to rise. Spot resources in the region are limited. Some high-priced goods from North China are flowing in and supplemented. The high-grade middlemen deliver their quotations at about 11,000 yuan/ton. Although some downstream inquiries are not intentional, there is no low-priced goods available in the region.

sodium persulfate

Installation: Yangtze Petrochemical 220,000 tons/year plant, 3 # long-term parking; 1 # and 2 # total 120,000 tons/year plant normal operation; Zhenhai refinery and chemical 165,000 tons/year plant normal operation, mutual supply is the main, a small amount of export; Liaotong Petrochemical 120,000 tons/year butadiene plant normal operation, bidding for export trading range of 10,180-10,210 yuan/ton. Fushun Petrochemical 160,000 tons/year plant is in normal operation, the export transaction price is 9820-9840 yuan/ton. The 100,000-ton/year oxidative dehydrogenation plant in Silbang, Jiangsu, stopped on July 29.

3. Future Market Forecast

Inventory lows sustain a continuous rise in supplier prices, and high spot prices continue to boost the market. Short-term follow-up is limited and the trend of Tianjiao futures is weak, which has an impact on the mentality of some businessmen. However, there is no pressure on the supply side of butadiene, and the market is difficult to find low-price sources. Business analysts predict that the short-term domestic butadiene market will continue to be high. They suggest that attention should be paid to the prices of manufacturers and transaction situation.


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