This week, China’s domestic market price of polyacrylamide slightly fine-tuned (7.8-7.14)

Commodity Index: On July 14, the polyacrylamide commodity index was 100.81, unchanged from yesterday, down 5.90% from 107.13 points in the cycle (2019-05-08) and up 5.32% from 95.72 points on April 10, 2019. (Note: Period refers to 2019-04-01 to date)

Price quotation: The monitoring data of business association ( show that on July 1, the mainstream quotation of polyacrylamide (cationic) market is about 16566.67 yuan/ton, and on the 14th, the mainstream quotation is about 16500 yuan/ton. This week’s quotation shows a slight fluctuation trend, which belongs to the fine-tuning of the normal range of manufacturers. At present, the main quotation range of domestic market of polyacrylamide is: cationic (PAM, molecular weight 12 million) quotation is about 16500-18 000 yuan/ton, anionic (PAM, molecular weight 12 million) quotation is about 10 000-12 000 yuan/ton.

Industry Chain: Strict environmental inspection, strong upstream product prices, price fluctuations of polyacrylamide manufacturers are not large, the market of polyacrylamide is generally stable this week.

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Future market forecast: Focus on the start-up of future manufacturers, there is no big change in downstream demand. According to the current overall market supply, domestic polyacrylamide market prices will not change very much.

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