Regional Trend of Domestic Ethanol Market in China (5.27-5.31)

Price Trend

This week, the domestic ethanol market trend of regionalization, according to business association monitoring data, the domestic ethanol market price at the beginning of the weekend was 5260 yuan/ton, the price fell by 3.82% compared with the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

Products: This week, the trend of regionalization of the alcohol market is obvious. The price of Northeast China began to rise on Tuesday, with a rise of 300-350 yuan/ton. Near the end of the month, some of the contract orders of enterprises were executed, and the mentality of pulling up was obvious. Enterprises dramatically increased their offer. Under the mentality of downstream purchasing, some tentative inquiries and small purchase orders. Prices in Shandong and East China rose on Thursday. Influenced by the rise in Northeast goods, Northeast China arbitrage was closed, and enterprises were slightly boosted by the favorable supply side. In South China, there are few start-ups, more molasses and alcohol are supplied to Liquor-making factories, liquor-making factories are basically in need of purchasing, the stock of start-up enterprises is high, the quotation of enterprises is stable, the Haiying device starts around this weekend, the shipments are normal during the parking period of enterprises, the parking of Guangwei this week is expected to be about 10 days, the supply of goods is normal, mainly for self-use.

sodium persulfate

Industry Chain: Maize: In May, the inventory continued to decline, and the corn trading enterprises still showed a strong reluctance to sell. We predict that the general trend of maize market in the near future is still bullish, the probability of short-term surge is still lacking of foundation, sustained slow rise is still the mainstream performance of the market, and the probability of callback in the near future is low. Maize prices are expected to remain strong for most of June. Ethyl acetate: This week, the domestic market for ethyl acetate rose and fell. Last week, domestic ethyl acetate concentrated exports eased the situation of domestic oversupply, and raw material acetic acid rose continuously last week, cost support, the market of ethyl acetate rose passively. By this week, the export boom has gradually eased, and the domestic downstream is about to enter the traditional off-season. The market demand for ethyl acetate is limited, which leads to the accumulation of domestic spot quantity and the overall market situation is weak.

3. Future Market Forecast

The alcohol market in Northeast China has been soaring sharply, waiting for the process of digestion and growth downstream. At present, there is no arbitrage situation for goods from Northeast China to East China. Enterprises in East China are not driving very much at present, and the supply side is good. It is expected that the short-term market will remain strong or upward. At present, the stock situation in Henan is high, the demand of liquor-making enterprises is light, the short-term market is expected to remain stable, and the sugar in South China is expected to remain stable. Honey enterprises have not started a lot, enterprises are currently in stock, the short-term market is expected to remain strong. Ethanol analysts at business associations expect the domestic ethanol market to run steadily in the short term.

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