China’s domestic bromine market operated smoothly in March

Price data:

According to the monitoring data of the business associations’list, the domestic bromine market was stable in March. After mid-March, the industry began to work normally. The average price of bromine remained around 35,000 yuan/ton in the month, up 26.58% from the same period last year.

II. Cause Analysis

Products: At the beginning of this month, the domestic bromine market was affected by season, environmental protection and the two sessions. Bromine enterprises started construction on a low level with low inventory and stable market turnover. After the two sessions, bromine enterprises mostly resumed normal production and the market supply was abundant. In some start-up enterprises, such as Shandong Haiwang Chemical Company, Dongyue Fine Chemical Company, Weifang Longmao Chemical Company, Shandong Haihua Company and Tianjin Changlu Haijing Company, the daily output is about 20 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 15 tons. At present, the mainstream quotation of enterprises is about 3450-35000 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is based on enterprise negotiation.

Industry chain: This week, bromine upstream industry, such as sulphur market, rose 5.14% in the month as a whole, and the current quotation is about 1160 yuan/ton; caustic soda market dropped 10.81% in the month, and the current quotation is about 770 yuan/ton; soda market is stable in the month as a whole, and the current quotation is about 1966 yuan/ton; the price of sulphuric acid has risen one after another in the month, down 9.11%, and the current quotation is about 357 yuan/ton. At present, the flame retardant industry downstream of bromine and pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates industries have returned to normal, just need to be stable, which is good for bromine price support.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business bromine industry analysts believe that at present domestic bromine market enterprises generally resume normal production, downstream user demand is better, market supply is abundant, and this year’s policy may be relaxed, in the absence of a significant increase in downstream demand, the market is about to oversupply, bromine prices are expected to decline weakly in the future.

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