China’s domestic butadiene market continued to rise on January 10

Price Trend

Recently, the domestic butadiene market continued to rise. As of January 10, the price of butadiene was 10,736 yuan/ton, up 12.77% from the same period last year, according to business association monitoring.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: Domestic butadiene market prices continue to rise, the market is waiting for the main supplier policy trend, Shandong manufacturers’supply price has been revised back, Sinopec South China, North China, Central China butadiene external supply price increased 600 yuan/ton, Sinopec East China butadiene external supply price increased 900 yuan/ton within two days, Panjin ethylene base price increased 500 yuan/ton, the implementation of 11310 yuan/ton. Downstream purchasing is still prudent and just needed. It is expected that butadiene market prices will fluctuate.

Industry chain: styrene-butadiene rubber: due to the strong butadiene, and because of the expectation of rising prices, there is speculation in the styrene-butadiene rubber market, the business offer slightly improved. Inquiries are better in some areas but tend to be in the middle. The terminal link is always general and the transaction is general. Cis-butadiene rubber: The domestic cis-butadiene rubber market is on the rise. Market offer price slightly increased, some offer price on the high side. On-site inquiry atmosphere is light, high offer makes buyer retreat, spot turnover is scarce. SBS: The price of oil glue in domestic SBS market has increased slightly, and the dry rubber duct has been narrowed.

3. Future Market Forecast

On the positive side, the external price is firm, butadiene supply side is tight; on the negative side, the downstream synthetic rubber market is insufficient to follow up. Business Association butadiene analysts predict that short-term domestic butadiene market digestion growth rate is the main concern about market turnover.

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