The antimony ingot market slightly rebounded due to manufacturers’ high prices (from August 4th to August 11th)

From August 4th to August 11th, 2023, the antimony ingot market in East China fell first and then rose. The price was 75750 yuan/ton at the beginning of last week, and 76750 yuan/ton at the beginning of this week, an increase of 1.32%.


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The K-bar chart of commodity prices uses the concept of a price trend K-line to reflect weekly or monthly price fluctuations in the form of a bar chart. Investors can buy and sell investments based on the changes in the K-bar chart. Red indicates an increase; Green indicates a decline; The height of the K-bar represents the range of fluctuations. From the above figure, it can be seen that the trend of the antimony ingot market was relatively stable in April, and the overall market was weak in June. After seven consecutive weeks of decline, prices slightly rebounded at the end of July.


The price of European strategic small metal antimony has temporarily stabilized this week, reaching $11450 per ton as of August 11th. The price has remained stable this week, and the overall market atmosphere is on the wait-and-see side.


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This week, the antimony ingot market continued its slight upward trend over the weekend, with prices rising by about 1000 yuan/ton during the week. The recent changes in supply and demand have been limited, and they still show weak supply and demand, especially the sluggish downstream demand. The market has a strong bearish sentiment, but since the weekend, antimony ingot manufacturers have had a strong attitude of price support, resulting in a slight increase in antimony ingot prices. The stabilization of overseas markets also provides some support for the market. Overall, the supply and demand in the antimony ingot market are weak, with refinery prices rising and antimony ingot prices rebounding. However, downstream demand is weak, and there is limited room for further upward growth in the future. It is expected to maintain temporary stable operation in the short term.


This week, the antimony oxide market is operating weakly, with weak downstream demand and overall soft market transactions. The demand for antimony ingots remains strong, while the intention to receive goods from upstream is weak, and on-demand procurement is maintained.

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