Insufficient market confidence, stable operation of viscose staple fibers

Last week (March 13-19), market confidence was still insufficient, and viscose staple fibers operated steadily. The factory firmed up prices and negotiated a slight discount. As domestic high-end manufacturers announced the start of rotating maintenance, it slightly boosted and supported the market, and some customers just needed to sign the order slightly.


gamma polyglutamic acid fertiliser(fertilizer) grade

Viscose staple fiber price trend chart


According to the price monitoring of the Business Society, as of March 19, the factory price of 1.2D * 38mm viscose staple fiber in China was 13320 yuan/ton, which was in line with the previous price.


Market of human cotton yarn


Last week (March 13-19), the downstream market for human cotton yarn continued to operate steadily. The downstream market for human cotton yarn was still mainly in need of procurement, and the transaction atmosphere was relatively general. The commencement of construction was basically maintained, and the recovery was not as expected. Currently, it is difficult for the end market demand to significantly improve, and it is also difficult for yarn enterprises to have a strong position. They should adjust their negotiation space based on their own shipment situation.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Trend Chart of Human Cotton Yarn Price


According to the price monitoring of the Business Society, as of March 19th, the average ex-factory price of human cotton yarn (30S, ring spun, first class) was 17666 yuan/ton, which was in line with the previous price.


Aftermarket Forecast


Recently, due to the performance of a certain enterprise in Jiangxi Province in terms of inventory and production reduction, the market industry’s operating load has decreased, but with fewer new orders and fewer transactions, the market supply is still sufficient. The overall buying and selling atmosphere in the short-term market is limited, and large viscose staple fiber factories still focus on executing early orders. In the absence of significant improvement in terminal demand, analysts from the Business Agency predict that the prices of viscose staple fibers and rayon yarns may continue to operate steadily in the short term.

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