The market is relatively weak, and the market of polyaluminium chloride is slightly weak recently

According to the monitoring data, the mainstream market of polyaluminium chloride in China fluctuated slightly in the past three days (24-26): on November 24, the domestic mainstream quotation of solid (industrial grade, content ≥ 28%) polyaluminum chloride was 2460 yuan / ton, and on November 26, the mainstream quotation was about 2448.75 yuan / ton, a decrease of 0.46% in the three days.

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Raw material: hydrochloric acid. According to the monitoring of business society, the domestic hydrochloric acid market price fluctuated slightly in the past three days (24-26 days). The mainstream quotation on the 24th was 306 yuan / ton, and the quotation on the 26th was 308 yuan / ton, a slight increase of 0.65%. The upstream liquid chlorine market fell and gave poor support to hydrochloric acid. The downstream white carbon black and ammonium chloride market were general and lacked enthusiasm for hydrochloric acid procurement.

As for the future market, the raw material support is insufficient, the downstream demand is general, and the current polyaluminium chloride market is slightly weak as a whole; Subject to the environmental protection in winter and the dual control policies of many provinces, cities and regions in China, the market generally predicts that the market price will rise after the manufacturer’s production is limited in the later stage, but the current price mainly fluctuates slightly.

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