On September 6, the quotation of potassium chloride was temporarily stable

Trade name: potassium chloride

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Latest price (September 6): 3210.00 yuan / ton

On September 6, the mixed price of potassium chloride in Qinghai was temporarily stable, which was the same as the quotation on September 3. The demand for international potash fertilizer is strong, and the available supply of domestic potash fertilizer is tight. Although the production enterprises are fully engaged in production, the operating rate is slightly low and the self-sufficiency rate is insufficient. At the same time, the delivery of international potash fertilizer suppliers is delayed and the arrival at the port is limited.

Recently, the price of potassium chloride in Qinghai may fluctuate slightly, and the quotation is about 3200-3300 yuan / ton.


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