High position of methanol market price

With the approach of the long-term settlement day in Northwest China this month, freight rates continue to rise. With the strength of the upper reaches and the expectation of price increase in some regions, it is expected that the mainland market will remain in a high position. According to the monitoring of business news agency, as of July 20, the average price of domestic methanol production enterprises in Shandong was 2560 yuan / ton, with a month on month increase of 1.79% and a year-on-year increase of 56.57%.

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The northwest methanol market continued to push up in some parts, and the ex factory quotations of some major manufacturers increased significantly, guiding manufacturers in other regions to quote, while some factories in the mainland may continue to raise their quotations. The rising freight also promoted the methanol market to a certain extent.

Summary of methanol market prices by Region as of July 20

Region, price

Qinghai Area 2090 yuan / ton factory cash

Shanxi area 2280-2330 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Liaoning Province 2330-2350 yuan / ton delivered to the factory

Fujian area 2 670-2 690 yuan / ton

Two lakes area Ex factory reference 2500-2560 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Anhui Province 2540-2560 yuan / ton factory acceptance

Henan Province 2410-2425 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Downstream, the formaldehyde market rose broadly. The raw material methanol continues to show an upward trend, and the cost continues to rise. Dimethyl ether market prices continued to rise, the market trading atmosphere is good. Domestic acetic acid market atmosphere wait-and-see, stable situation to ease the downstream for acetic acid wait-and-see mentality, mainly small market transactions.

In terms of external market, as of July 20, CFR Southeast Asia methanol market closed at US $381.00-382.00/t. The US Gulf methanol market closed at 115.00-116.00 cents / gallon; The closing price of FOB Rotterdam methanol market is 343.00-344.00 euro / ton.

region ., Country. Closing price. Up and down

Asia CFR Southeast Asia USD 381.00-382.00/t 0 USD / ton

Europe and America Gulf of America 115.00-116.00 cents / gal 0 cents per gallon

Europe FOB Rotterdam 343.00-344.00 euro / ton 0 euro / ton

Business community methanol analysts expect that the short-term methanol market may be high consolidation.


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