Price trend of formic acid in China on May 19

On May 19, the average price of formic acid samples was 2016.67 yuan / ton, down 5.47% from yesterday. The price is at a historical low. At present, the formic acid market is weak and stable, and some manufacturers adjust. Jinzhou jinhongda offers 2000 yuan / ton, Zibo Pulis 1750 yuan / ton, Hangzhou Fengchang Trade Co., Ltd. 2300 yuan / ton.


sodium persulfate

The main manufacturers of formic acid in China have normal operation and sufficient supply in the market, but the price of formic acid is low due to the recent restrictions on the export of goods. The downstream pesticide, leather and other industries are affected by environmental protection and other factors, the unit operation rate is not high, the enthusiasm of receiving goods is general, the pharmaceutical industry purchases on demand, and the upstream cost can still be supported. At present, formic acid is in a market situation where the supply exceeds the demand. Influenced by the market supply-demand relationship, it is estimated that the short-term formic acid price is still weak. (Note: the above prices are for reference only. For details, please contact the merchants for consultation; and the above prices refer to 85% formic acid and the net water price including tax from the warehouse).

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