Butadiene market slightly up

Price Trend

The domestic butadiene market has been rising slightly recently. As of September 10, the price of butadiene was 10 384 yuan/ton, up 4.53% annually and down 18.81% year-on-year, according to business association monitoring.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: Domestic butadiene market is slightly up-going, downstream parts just need to replenish warehouses before the holidays, Panjin supply price increase transaction, driving the prices of other export manufacturers in the north to rise, coupled with the East China spot resources have not yet been significantly supplemented, the middleman offer followed the supplier and slightly increased. The delivery price of high-grade products in Shandong is about 10 500-10 550 yuan/ton, while that in East China is about 10 800-10 900 yuan/ton.

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On the market side, the market of butadiene in Shandong area has been tidied up slightly, and the price of Northeast China has increased slightly, which has boosted the prices of other export manufacturers. Some of the lower reaches just need to replenish their warehouses before the festival, so as to jointly boost the market. The middleman delivers the high-quality products to the offer at around 1050-10550 yuan/ton for negotiation. Eastern China butadiene market is mainly a small upward consolidation, Northeast supply price increase transaction, and the region’s limited spot resources, just before the downstream Festival need to replenish the warehouse boost, middlemen offer a small upward push, high-quality goods delivered to the price of about 10,800-10,900 yuan/ton, single discussion.

Installation: Yangtze Petrochemical 220,000 tons/year plant, 3 Jiutai, Inner Mongolia, operates at low load with a small amount of export. Puyang Bluestar 50,000 tons/year extraction unit operates steadily and is exported normally.

3. Future Market Forecast

Short-term East China spot resource supplement is limited, some businessmen are cautious about the arrival of Iranian ships; due to the approaching holidays, downstream parts just need to enter the market for inquiries, spot transactions in the North improved, boosting the market slightly upward. Short-term market supply and demand fundamentals are not obviously under pressure. Business analysts predict that the short-term domestic butadiene market will continue to consolidate. They suggest that attention should be paid to supply changes and trading guidance.


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