The market price of hydrodesulfurization edged higher this week (5.5-5.10)

First, the price trend:

Second, the market analysis: Domestic market: The market price of hydrogenation is higher this week, as of Friday, the mainstream quotation range of hydrogenated benzene market in Shandong area is 4150-4200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation range of hydrogenation in east China is 4400-4500 yuan/ton.

sodium persulfate

This week, the construction of hydrocracking enterprises gradually resumed, the construction rate in Shandong has been improved, some devices in Hebei region recently planned to stop short-term maintenance. Industrial chain: Crude oil: Oil prices overall wide concussion this week, multi-day change over 2%. Pure benzene aspect: this week pure benzene domestic fundamentals change little, the market to Yu Hengli will gradually mass production news has been digested, the impact on the mentality began to gradually reduce. Midweek due to the decline of pure benzene in east China port, pure benzene market slightly improved, the overall market slightly upward trend of more than two quarters of foreign centralized maintenance, the expected supply will be reduced. And the United States, South Korea and Taiwan downstream installations are about to end, demand will be further improved, the market is expected to be more optimistic. Crude benzene aspect: this week crude benzene market offer mixed, the market mainstream price in 3200-3400 yuan/ton, the recent pure benzene external disk slightly rebound, the price of hydrogenation slightly increased, but the crude benzene market has a limited boost. As of Friday, Shandong region processing crude benzene quotation stable quotation range in 3200-3300 yuan/ton, Shanxi region processing with crude benzene price stable in 3200-3250 yuan/ton.

Inner Mongolia area processing with crude benzene quotation stable quotation in 3100 yuan/ton.

Third, the trend forecast: This month, Hydrogenation Enterprises will continue to drive, the supply of the field increased, but pure benzene port inventory is still increasing, manufacturers of high cargo blocked, the actual transaction is limited. It is expected that the market consolidation of hydrogenated benzene is the main.

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